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Rates and Services:

We are now accepting Medicaid and HSA/FSA.  A superbill can be provided for insurance submission for individuals paying privately.

  • Free 15 minute consultation/screening to determine if a full evaluation is warranted.  A full evaluation may be completed post screening if warranted.
  • Free IEP review, consultation, and session planning with parent.
  • Private Speech Therapy sessions are $55* per 1/2 hour.
  • Private Swallow Function sessions are $65* per 1/2 hour.
  • Comprehensive Articulation Evaluation: $150, includes full battery assessment, speech mechanism assessment, written report with score review, and planning session with parent.
  • Comprehensive Receptive/Expressive Language Evaluation: $225, includes full battery language assessment, written report with score review, and planning session with parent.
  • Swallow Function Evaluation: $150, includes full assessment of oral motor structure and function, trials and assessment with varied solid and liquid consistencies, and immediate meal preparation planning.
  • Cognitive Assessment: $175, includes full battery assessment of cognitive and communication ability for rehabilitation.